Come and see... "Airline" Nov 9-10

Lutheran High Drama Dept. 3500 W. Washington Springfield Il 62711

November 9 & 10 at 7pm!

Cost: $10 adults, $8 seniors/students, $3 ages 3-5 years and 2 and under is free.

Reserve tickets by calling 546-6363.

Come and see how this wacky flight ends!


The cheapest airline in world history is Go Bananas Airline, so wretched that even the Bermuda Triangle rejects its planes. The first act introduces us to a bevy of lovely stewardesses whose boss, Smiling Jack Pott, is using the flight as their ’final exam.’ A movie producer will do almost anything to stop his leading lady from boarding the flight, and the incredible Dragbottom family is concerned that someone has been making bombs in their cellar. Toss into this unlikely group of people a guy who thinks he’s Superman, an eccentric billionaire, a rock star, a hijacker and a dancer with three feet. Then it’s ’all aboard’ for these and a large assortment of additional oddball characters for an insane flight through a terrible storm. No radar, no navigator and the pilot sold his compass at a garage sale thinking it was an egg timer. The control tower is bedlam, but eventually the flying tin can is brought safely to solid ground, except for the movie star who lands via parachute in a chicken farm.