Concordia History

History of Concordia


Concordia Lutheran Church established a parish school in September 1931.  The establishment of the school occurred the same year that Concordia was officially organized and called their first resident Pastor, Rev. A.C. Young.  In 1931, the enrollment was 67 pupils.  A portable chapel with a school annex at 13th and Knox Streets served as the location for the new school and church.  During the first year of the school's existence, the school used two rooms in the parsonage in addition to the annex.  In 1932, a building was made available to house the classes that had met in the parsonage.  Another larger school building was built and dedicated in October 1937. During these early years of the school's existence, it’s faculty consisted of the Pastor and Concordia Seminary students.


God has richly blessed Concordia since its small beginning in 1931.  Concordia congregation relocated to its present site in 1957 with a day school enrollment of 43.  The basement of the church and the overflow area were used for classrooms until 1963 when a 6-room building was completed and dedicated.  In 1972, half-day pre-school was started for the three and four year old children; which has expanded to both half and full day pre-school.  Concordia added 3 more classrooms and a gymnasium in 1984.   We pray the Lord will still have more growth in store for Concordia Lutheran Church-School-Preschool as we remain faithful to the Savior and His saving Word.

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